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Sports and Recreation

oapl manufacture and provide custom prostheses for all your sports and recreation needs.

Purpose-built prostheses for activities such as:
  • Jogging & running
  • Recreational Sports
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Weight Lifting
  • Ball sports
  • and more..

Prosthetic management for an array of sports and recreational activities

Helping you stay active and do the things you love through advanced prosthetic technology.

oapl can specifically design upper and lower limb prosthetic devices so you can enjoy the sporting and recreational activities you love. Our aim is to empower you to live actively and independently, and support you to reach your goals and ambitions now and in the future.


These can include:

  • Running and jogging blades – providing improved energy return and flexibility compared to traditional prosthetic feet
  • Cycling legs – specifically designed to provide greater knee motion and optimised alignment
  • Wet prostheses – for accessing pools, lakes, beaches or fishing
  • Swimming prostheses – to improve motion through the water
  • Upper limb prostheses – can be fitted with a variety of activity-specific attachments to allow users to participate in weight lifting, golf, ball sports, gymnastics and lots more.

Benefits of Sports and Recreation with Oapl

Personalised Support

We understand that each limb difference is unique! Our prosthetists are dedicated to individualising our approach to your sporting and recreational ambitions.

Advanced Prosthetics

Product development is in our DNA! You’ll always have access to the latest prosthetic technology to help you achieve your sporting goals.

Experienced Team

Collectively, our national team of prosthetists have hundreds of years’ experience providing complex prosthetic services for all ages.

Specialist Expertise

Our prosthetists are tertiary qualified specialists in their field; backed by years of training, education and practical experience.

My 8 year old daughter describes going to oapl as "where dreams come true". They offer us constant support and they always put my daughter's needs first. I couldn't recommend them more, they have become an integral part of my daughter's journey in using prosthetic arms.



Frequently asked Sports and Recreation questions

A wet prosthesis is designed with non-corrosive components that are suitable for wet areas i.e a swimming leg.


Additional modifications can be made for specific wet activities as needed.

Many prosthetic feet now utilise a long carbon strut with an incorporated heel. This enables users to wear the prosthesis for both sports and everyday use.

Most below knee amputees find their everyday prosthesis limits knee flexion and makes cycling very difficult.


Cycling prosthetics can be similar to your everyday leg with a prosthetic foot and lower back, or can be custom designed with a built-in cleat for the more serious cyclists.

Golf and the majority of ball sports require twisting motions not required in standard walking.


Torsion adaptors can be incorporated into the prosthetic design to allow the motion and improve your performance!

Almost anything! Your prosthetist will work with you to find the optimal prosthetic design, swimming, basketball, weight lifting, gymnastics, golf, gardening, biking, the options are endless!

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