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Custom Bracing

oapl can provide you with a complete array of custom manufactured orthoses for the treatment and management of complex conditions.

We can assist with conditions such as:
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Diabetic Foot Management
  • Fracture Management
  • Paediatric Disorders
  • Cerebal Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Acute Injuries

Specialised orthoses for the management of acute and long term conditions

Empowering you to recover faster and manage long term conditions with greater support.

Over the past 35 years we’ve designed an array of highly specialised braces and supports that are customised to meet the needs of each individual.


From assessment to design, manufacturing and fitting, we understand that custom orthoses can be very subjective and there is not always a clear-cut prescription. Our devices are made through modern manufacturing techniques and innovative materials that help you achieve the best possible outcomes.


With access to the widest group of clinical Orthotists in Australia, this experience and knowledge drives us to pursue treatments that will facilitate optimal healing and improve your quality of life. Our mission is to ensure you are being provided with considered and holistic orthotic management that empowers you to live actively and independently.

Benefits of Custom Bracing with Oapl

Personalised Support

We understand that each individual is unique! Our orthotists are dedicated to individualising our approach to your needs.

Advanced Outcomes

Product development is in our DNA! You’ll always have access to the latest orthotic technology to help you excel both now and in the future.

Experienced Team

Collectively, our national team of orthotists have hundreds of years’ experience providing complex bracing solutions for all ages.

Specialist Expertise

Our orthotists are tertiary qualified specialists in their field; backed by years of training, education and practical experience.

I approached the oapl team for help creating a custom cycling AFO and the team immediately jumped on board. I'm so happy that oapl could deliver on my crazy dreams and allow me to ride my bike to the best of my ability and with increased confidence.



Our little girl was diagnosed with Club Foot at birth. Since her first set of Boots & Bar the staff have supported us with a warm smile and friendly approach. We're so greatful to have them in our corner and our little girl looks forward to every visit



I have been taking my daughter to Oapl in Clayton to see Carla and Denise for 7 years now and I have found them nothing but extremely helpful, professional and very supportive... I'm so happy with the service and would highly recommend them.



I can't thank Oapl enough. My toddler requires KAFOs and their support throughout this journey has been amazing. Staff have been kind, supportive and informative. Honestly, they have been amazing.



I am very grateful for oapl & especially Matthew’s professionalism & clinical assistance & care these past years. I am very happy to recommend oapl to others who may require Neuromuscular therapies, or other debilitating functional assistance



The oapl team is an exceptional group of professionals... Collectively, the team was willing to go the extra mile to secure my lower limb AFO. I very much look forward to each visit and always leave a very happy and satisfied client. I cannot speak highly enough of oapl



Frequently asked Custom Bracing questions

Your Orthotist will take the time to have an in depth discussion about the factors that will affect patient outcomes. We have a broad knowledge of materials and componentry and will consider all aspects of meeting the patients needs.

We offer a large range of off-the-shelf and custom devices and there may be times when an off-the-shelf device is more appropriate than a custom design. Your Orthotist will be able to provide advice and prescribe the most appropriate device for your needs.

Some devices do require gradual wearing in to prevent issues such as rubbing or pressure. Your Orthotist will be able to provide education on the wearing in process and the issues to look out for. If pressure or discomfort persists please get in contact with your Orthotist.

Yes, most devices can be adjusted to improve the fit, please contact your Orthotist for a review of your device.

Review appintments within 2 weeks of fitting your custom device do not incur a charge as it is our priority to ensure the device is meeting your goals. If there is any on-going issues do not hesitate to get in touch with your Orthotist who will be happy to provide advice either over the phone or review in person.

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