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Diabetic Solutions

oapl orthotists specialise in the assessment, prescription, manufacture and fitting of both custom, and customised orthotic solutions for diabetic pathologies.

We can assist with the management of:
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Diabetic Leg Ulcers
  • Poor Lower Limb Vascularisation
  • Charcot foot
  • Rigid Foot Deformities

Tailored orthotic support for the management of diabetic conditions

oapl work closely with your prescribing clinician and allied health teams to provide outcomes that empower your independence and safety.

With over 30 years experience, oapl clinicians offer a wide variety of services in the management of diabetic pathologies that often lead to ulceration, abnormal foot shapes and difficulty with walking. The individual situation of each person is assessed and treated with the most appropriate solution using a wide range of technologies and materials available.


You will be assessed and monitored as your condition changes and adjustments to your orthotic solutions will be made accordingly. We have access to a wide range of specialist products and materials that can be prescribed and manufactured to suit your individual needs. These include but are not limited to custom foot orthotics to support and offload problem areas, depth width footwear to accommodate shape and size changes to the feet, and custom footwear for feet that can no longer fit in off the shelf footwear.


Our technology allows us to assess areas of high pressure on your feet and adjust your orthotics accordingly. We can also utilise scanning systems and computer aided fabrication processes in the manufacture of your orthotics and supports.

Benefits of Diabetic Solutions with Oapl

Specialist Expertise

Our orthotists are tertiary qualified specialists in their field; backed by years of training, education and practical experience managing complex diabetic pathologies.

Our specialities

Custom foot orthotics, depth width footwear, custom footwear, lower leg compression/support and more.

How bracing helps

With appropriate footwear and foot orthotics your feet will be supported and you will be able to maintain your lifestyle.

Personalised Care

Prevention is easier than cure! Do not hesitate to engage your local oapl clinic knowing we will work alongside your treating team to improve your health.

Frequently asked Diabetic Solutions questions

Yes. You can book directly with oapl for review and adjustment of all your orthotic needs.

Of course! We have metropolitan and regional clinics right across Australia. Usually, we will be able to book you in with your closest clinic to meet your needs.

Yes. oapl clinicians are registered with the NDIS and are able to assist with all your orthotic needs.


This includes providing written assessments, quotes, information for plan reviews, as well as providing the treatment you require.

Yes. As soon as you identify any soreness or redness on your feet please arrange an appointment so we can provide an adjustment to prevent any further problems.


We will also liase with your podiatrist so they know you have required an adjustment.

Yes. It is your decision who treats you even if the referral is for a different company.

Not necessarily. If we assess you and deem the current treatment plan optimum we will continue to provide a seamless service.


If you have a complex medical condition and are requesting a different form of treatment we may ask for information from your treating team before we can proceed.

Yes. With your permission, we will communicate with your treating team. This is preferred in complex situations.

At oapl we are able to guide and assist you with funding through third parties. This will require you to provide us with some information and then we can submit a funding request.


This process will vary depending on what state you are in and the state funding options available to you.

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