All-Terrain Knee

A High-functioning, waterproof, and purely mechanical knee joint that enables patients to conquer all terrains!

Key Features

  • Patented Autolock Technology stance phase controller that locks upon full swing phase extension and unlocks when hip flexion follows toe-loading
  • Variable Cadence without hydraulic or pneumatic unit
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant(e.g freshwater and saltwater)
  • Purely mechanical advanced composite design weight rated to 150KG





Now also available in the ATK HydraPro 

The ATK HydraPro is a waterproof and highly functional 4-bar prosthetic knee joint, designed to meet the physical demands of active amputees. LegWorks’ patented Autolock Technology stance phase controller instils confidence on all terrains, while the Hydraulic Variable Cadence Controller (patent pending) allows for multiple walking speeds. An ideal knee for K3-K4 users who desire a water leg, the ATK HydraPro includes a simple twist-knob manual lock which allows for absolute stability in or around the water.


ATK HydraPro Product Features

  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant. Submersible in fresh or salt water
  • Superior stability to traditional polycentric designs via the patented AutoLock Technology
  • Hydraulic Variable Cadence Controller (patent pending)
  • Simple twist-knob manual lock
  • Durably designed with a weight rating of 330 lb (150kg)


ATK HydraPro Potential Users

  • Active amputees seeking a hydraulic, waterproof primary prosthesis that is low-maintenance
  • Amputees seeking a secondary prosthesis with a hydraulic waterproof knee (e.g. shower/pool/beach leg)
  • Amputees that desire a highly stable hydraulic knee


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