Silipos the original intelligent gel company and global leader in gel Technology.


Silipos polymer gel technology provides a unique dermal-delivery system that gradually diffuses USP medical grade mineral oil to impart deep moisturisation for soft and supple skin. Silipos gels have been developed for numerous Medical and Beauty Care applications, and can be customised with a wide range of additives to meet specific consumer needs.

A unique feature of Silipos gels are the "visco-elastic" properties which allow the gel to move synergistically with the skin helping to prevent abrasion and discomfort. And of course, all Silipos gels are non-toxic, latex free and hypoallergenic.

Silipos gels are available in two primary formulations each targeting specific customers needs and product applications. Unlike silicone and urethanes, Silipos gels have additional functional capabilities, such as the release of additives that provide antimicrobial, scar reduction, and anti-aging properties, amongst others.



Our mineral oil gel is formulated with USP medical grade mineral oil which has a well established usage preference in orthotic/orthopaedic applications. The core benefits provided by its mineral oil gel include:

  • Cushioning
  • Moisturising / Softening
  • Shear Force Reduction
  • Support


The Silipos Range

Silipos offers a range of product encorporating our polymer gel technology and unique dermal delivery system.  No matter what area of the body you are looking to protect we have a solution for you.





Silipos’ orthopedic and foot care products easily conform to all parts of the body ensuring a comfortable fit that cushions and protects. Apply them directly to the skin and our gels have the added benefit of skin moisturizing and conditioning. Our orthopedic and foot care products offer easy to use solutions for a variety of ailments ranging from common foot discomforts to post traumatic injuries. Whatever your needs, Silipos has a product that can help improve the quality of life for your patients.


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Designed with the patient in mind, Silipos’ prosthetic liners and suspension sleeves provide users with an unmatched level of comfort and confidence. Unlike silicone, our medical grade mineral oil gels move with the skin and will not pull or irritate the residual limb. Moisturizing medical grade mineral oils are released from our gels, aiding in the reduction of scar tissue and helping with overall skin conditioning. We offer a wide array of products that are sure to meet the needs of your patients. Our prosthetic products are field tested with industry experts in order to assure patient comfort and satisfaction.


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