About Calmagen®

The Calmagen highly efficacious and non-toxic antifungal range, treats and provides protection for sufferers of tinea and nail fungus.

Infections like tinea (Athlete's Foot) and nail fungus (onychomycosis) are highly contagious and recurrent. Preventing and treating the problem are important, however medications that are toxic to fungi are often just as toxic to humans.

ProShield® Soft FR Loop mask

Super Filtration, Fluid Resistant, Loop Mask


The ProShield® Soft FR Loop mask is suitable for clinicians during surgical procedures, general and allied health (dental) environments including those procedures where there is a risk of exposure to body and blood fluids, who prefer easy and convenient mask donning.

Features and Benefits


Ultrahealth Sterile Surgical Gloves 

A certified anatomically shaped surgical glove priced to be a desirable product for sterile use. 

1) Certified to AS/NZS 4179.
2) Anatomically shaped for extra comfort.
3) Superior wet & dry grip.
4) Excellent flexibility & strength.
5) Conforms to ASTM D3577 (00) & EN455 Part 1 & 2.