Exercise Programs for rehabilitation and fitness. Used by health professionals for over 25 years.

PhysioTools online allows you to create personalised exercise programs for your clients.  It is simple to use:

  • Quick and Easy to search for exercises with the intelligent search system for templates and protocols.
  • Easy access online via a web browser.
  • Select your exercises from the largest selection of exercises  18,000+ and growing.
  • Customise your program to ensure your exercises meet your client’s exact needs.
  • Add your own exercises by that you can share with your colleagues.
  • Print or email exercises directly to your client.
  • Engaging client app available on iOS and android that reminds clients to complete their exercises
  • Multi-professional content with specialty exercises




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PT Momentum - The Exercise Motivator

Designed to motivate the client for momentum to rehabilitation. The PT Momentum app enables clinicians to send exercise programs directly to the clients mobile device or tablet and monitor their progress. Complete with clear instructions, images and videos to help clients perform their exercises correctly.

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Licenses Explained

  • Each user must have their own license. 12-month subscription.
  • $300 / year / 1st user
  • $150 / year / additional user


How do you access it?

Online subscriptions are easy.  As long as you have an internet connection and a browser you are on your way.    


Get to know the Authors

Exercises created by world class professionals

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PhysioTools Tutorial Centre

Find tips and tricks on how to use the program here Alternatively, we can show you how to use the program via a webinar or face-to-face.


For more information on PhysioTools contact your local sales executive, call customer service on P. 1300 866 275 or  contact us.