MotionFoot ® MX

The MotionFoot ® MX is a unique hydraulic foot and ankle system with a natural-range of ankle movement. Natural motion adjusts to slopes, various heel heights, and sitting with feet flat.

Fully adjustable for nearly all levels of activity, the manual lock prevents unwanted movement in situations like driving, climbing ladders, or putting on shoes.

Features & Benefits

  • Distinct heel design reduces shock and cushions initial heel contact

  • Variable toe lever arm allows smooth, dynamic loading of the carbon foot plates
  • Split-toe feature provides excellent inversion and eversion for compliance on rugged terrain


More Information


  • Weight rating: 220 lbs. (100 kg)
  • Foot sizes: 22-30 cm
  • Heel height: 3/8 in. (10 mm)
  • Foot height (in shell to base of pyramid): 3.8 in. (9.7 cm)
  • Foot weight (27 cm): 28 oz. (795 g)
  • Attachment: Standard Pyramid

Order Info

-    Select foot based on patient's weight and foot size.
-    Motion Foot system includes foot, tool kit, spectra sock, and instruction manual.
-    Foot shell sold separately.

f order info Motion FootMX


Shell selection requires left or right designation and foot size.
Product number: 45-XX-13-XX-3 - Left
Product number: 46-XX-13-XX-3 - Right
(XX-XX is the code below. Select foot shell based on foot size and color of chosing.)


f Order info Foot Shell