Fillauer Stance Control
Date: 26 September 2017
Time: 11:00 am
Additional Information: 
Many studies related to gait support the approach of maintaining the range of motion as much as possible and locking out that ROM only as needed for stability. Stance controls orthosis designs have become a viable alternative to locked knee joints that immobilize the knee during gait.
This presentation will focus on using the SPL 2 Stance Control Knee joint and design options that can give the practitioner greater success while fitting a variety of patient presentations. Participants in this presentation will become familiar with the clinical indications, contraindications and desired outcomes for the SPL 2 by relating to a variety of clinical case studies. Attendees will be able to choose the appropriate design, componentry options and understand fitting and adjustments procedures of the device based on real-world successes. 

Orthotic Learning Objectives: 
  1. To understand how SCO devices can and cannot benefit patients if included in their plan of care. 
  2. To understand the evaluation techniques and patient selection criteria for this type of orthosis. patient requirements. 
  3. Be able to select the appropriate design based on an individual 


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