Date: 15 August 2016
Time: 2:00 pm
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Increasing the density and dosage of locomotive therapy through the use of a gait training orthosis

Presenter: Gary Bedard, CO, FAAOP from Becker Orthopedic

Presentation Outline:

  • Review definition of the use of an immediate fit stance control orthosis
  • Recognize assessment versus locomotive therapy application of device
  • Understand device features and adjustments
  • Review function of a double action ankle joint in a stance control orthosis
  • Outline the means to adjust the PreStride to a patient

In the last 15 years, there has been the onset of a dual therapy track for lower limb rehabilitation in spinal cord injury patients. Traditional over the ground training (OGT) has been compared to body weight supported treadmill training (BWSTT) and the subsequent development of robotic assisted step training (RAST)1.

In brief, BWSTT was initiated to compensate for muscle paresis to allow the initiation of therapist assisted early step training2. Weight suspension in a range of 25 – 60% allowed therapists to hand guide the lower limb on a powered treadmill for step training. RAST was introduced to reduce the physical burden and the number of therapists required to complete task oriented step training. RAST was also initiated to provide concentrated task oriented step training with high frequency. RAST and BWSTT were both expected to increase the rate and depth of neuroplasticity in comparison to OGT. Current results indicate that for acute neurologic recovery patients, the rehab outcome for incomplete SCI cases is the same with OGT, BWSTT and RAST3.

A similar benefit of initiating early OGT step training and possibly the density of therapy became viable through the availability of an immediate fit stance control orthosis (IF-SCO). The knee stabilizing orthotic feature allowed quick progression from standing therapy to OGT in acute SCI cases.



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