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Ypsilon Flow is the foot drop AFO of choice for your active patients who need sagittal plane assist.
It is designed to allow optimum range of motion and dynamic toe-off assist, providing the opportunity for functional or potentially functional muscles, tendons and ligaments to strengthen and prevent or reduce atrophy.
The footplate is engineered to allow the orthosis to adapt to and move with the lower leg with less resistance to ground reaction forces. The proximal ends of the “Y” provide fixation points, eliminating pressure on the tibia crest.


Recommended application:
Foot drop in combination with no spasticity to moderate spasticity. Limb proprioception deficit and mild proximal deficit.


Severe edema, leg ulcers, moderate to severe spasticity, medial-lateral instability.


Interface and strap included. More information about product selection and customisation can be found below.
Please note the Original Ypsilon is still available for you current users.

More Information

Ypsilon FLOW

Ypsilon® Flow is the newest member of the ToeOFF family of products. It’s the AFO of choice for active patients with foot drop and no other ankle or proximal deficits. The increased range of motion accommodates different terrain and longer strides. The new geometry design provides a dynamic response for foot lift without restricting or immobilising normal joint or muscle activity. A gradual heel rise allows for an intimate fit in the patient’s shoe. It is OAPL's goal to provide dynamic response AFOs without limiting function. Call customer service for more information today.



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Ordering Information

29400-1011          YPSILON AFO: LEFT FOOT – SMALL       

29400-1012          YPSILON AFO: LEFT FOOT - MEDIUM

29400-1013          YPSILON AFO: LEFT FOOT - LARGE

29400-2011          YPSILON AFO: RIGHT FOOT - SMALL

29400-2012          YPSILON AFO: RIGHT FOOT - MEDIUM 

29400-2013          YPSILON AFO: RIGHT FOOT - LARGE
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