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The care and cleaning of your nail clippers and instruments is vital to maintain the integrity and lifespan of your products. The cleaning technique may change depending on the material that they are made from. Always protect the cutting edges of your clippers and if they have a lock plate at the back use it when they are not in use.

New devices tend to be harder, with a stiffer feel to them. That’s because as instruments age, they soften with use and cleaning. With proper care, these devices can last a lifetime. It’s important to realise, however, that even the highest grade instruments will experience at least minimal wear and softening over time.

New instruments are designed to be stiff at the onset of use to keep this wearing to a minimum with proper maintenance and cleaning. However most problems with instruments are due to inadequate instrument care. We would like to remind practitioners of some simple rules in the care of instruments. Damage can be caused by incorrect cleaning and sterilisation may affect manufacturers guarantee on their products.  

The four key steps to maintaining your instruments are:

Instruments need to be pre-soaked to remove tissue residues,
fluids and other pathogenic debris and is an essential
prerequisite to disinfection and sterilisation.

Instruments should be washed in an ultrasonic cleaner then
rinsed and dried.

Prior to autoclaving instruments should be lubricated to protect
joints and hinges and maintain instrument lubrication.

Only sterilise a clean instrument. The most damaging procedure
is to allow dried-on debris to become baked-on stains in the
autoclave. The temperature of the autoclave (134º) will cause
chemical reactions that can make the stain permanent.


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